We live in a world where increasingly we feel more pressured to cope and manage our problems ourselves, families are more dispersed and often we are alone with our troubles that we may bury in a bid to cope. People come to counselling for many different reasons, it may be a feeling of depression, anxiety or possibly that the person feels they are not reaching their full potential in life. Sometimes people simply feel their lives are too superficial in the fast pace of life and they wish to gain deeper understanding of themselves.

Psychotherapy and counselling is experienced as a professional relationship within a confidential framework. Respect, value, boundaries and trust are all essential elements of the process. It provides a safe space in which to explore, try to find meaning and to gain deeper understanding of our emotional struggles. The experience can help us live a more fulfilled life within which we are free to make choices that are more congruent with our true self.

The therapeutic relationship is not an advisory experience, the client arrives at their own conclusions and decisions having explored the issues within the confidential space, the therapist may provide some interpretations and feedback what is being heard and experienced in such a way that the client is able to “see” more clearly for themselves. Links are made about where you are now and how this might relate to issues or relationships from earlier in life. My style of working pays attention to the unconscious process as a result I am always trying to make sense what is left unsaid as well as what is said.

How many sessions will I need?

I provide short term work where we would focus on specific issues, the length of this type of contract would be set at the beginning of the work. I also work in an open ended way which would allow us to work on deeper struggles that may have been around for a long time. For example,  when we notice the same type of problem manifesting within different settings, like relationships with partners or managers or colleagues. Your session would be at the same time each week, occasionally people attend twice weekly. All of this would be discussed at your initial assessment. You do not need to be referred by your GP.

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